Request a Repair

We can help you sort out a minor problem or send our maintenance team.

In many cases, however, you may not need our help at all.


IF YOU SMELL GAS – Switch off gas mains supply, open the windows, call the National Grid 24 hour emergency number on 0800 111 999

WATER LEAK – Turn off water mains. Switch off electrics if the water leak is near lights or power outlets. If water is coming from an upstairs property, alert the occupants above immediately and ask them to shut off the source of the leak. If they are not in, leave them a note to contact Move Quick immediately.

ELECTRICAL FAULT – Check fuses have not blown, circuit breakers are in the ‘ON’ position and that there hasn’t been a general power cut in the area. Replace bulbs if necessary. If you still do not have electricity contact Move Quick

BOILER FAULT – If you think your boiler isn’t working properly, first check to see if the pilot light is on and, if you have a combi boiler, check that the pressure is between 1 and 2. The instruction manual will tell you how to re-light the pilot and re-set the pressure if you suspect this is the problem. If you require further assistance please contact Move Quick on the next working day. If there is a gas or water leak from the boiler, refer to the guidance above and call Move Quick.

ACCESS TO YOUR PROPERTY – Due to the nature of their work, tradesmen are not always able to guarantee appointment times, therefore it would be more efficient to give them keys to your property to attend at their earliest convenience. However, if you wish to be present while the work is being carried out, this can sometimes be arranged.

Please note that these are some of the things which tenants are expected to do themselves:

  • Test the smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detector and replace the battery if necessary
  • Bleed the radiators Unblock plugholes with suitable detergent Replace light bulbs
  • Replace vacuum cleaner bags
  • Clean out blocked vacuum cleaners
  • Tighten loose handles, toilet seats, etc., if only a screwdriver is required

For all other emergencies not listed, please use common sense before calling, we will only respond to real emergencies that cannot wait until the next working day.