Client Testimonials

About MQ Estate Agents

“This was the 28th property I have owned, so you could say I have some experience of the housing market.

To be fair, most of my dealings were prior to the banking crash of 2008 when property transactions were much easier to conduct.

I did not know MQ from Adam when I went to sell my house but a quick check on the internet threw up some brilliant reviews. That was good enough for me.

Property selling is now all about reviews and the rates being charged and MQ scored highly on both counts.

I found them to be very efficient. The video walk-through was completed within days and soon I had a string of viewers through the door.

It was also really convenient to be able to leave them to do the viewings and provide me with the feedback.

I have already recommended them to a friend of mine and wouldn’t hesitate to use them again myself.”

Allan Rogers, selling a one-bedroom flat in Glasgow’s west end.

Property selling is now all about reviews and the rates being charged and MQ scored highly on both counts.
We are delighted. I would certainly get them back the next time I’m selling.

“It was the speed with which they responded to all of our communications which placed MQ head and shoulders above the competition.

They were the first to respond when we were looking to place our property on the market; Barry was also the first to come out and view it.

He seemed genuinely excited at the prospect of selling it on our behalf, while, to other estate agents, it would be just another property on their books.

MQ managed to line up a huge amount of viewers very, very, quickly and it was the second weekend of showing people around that produced the offer above the home report valuation, which we found acceptable.

They got us what we wanted. MQ’s commission rate was slightly higher than other firms but when they get you £10,000 over home report, everyone walks away happy.

We are delighted. I would certainly get them back the next time I’m selling.”

Ben Macfarlane, selling a two-bed tenement flat in the Cessnock area of Glasgow.

“I opted for MQ to sell my home because I remembered they had been the sellers’ agents when I purchased the property a few years ago.

It was in St Andrew’s Square, a little period haven within Glasgow’s city centre, dominated by an 18th Century church.

As the sales process was underway, personal circumstances dictated that I had to sell another family flat less than a mile away, in Ingram Street. It made sense to use MQ to market that one, as well.

They really excel in the personal touch. Other companies come across far more ‘corporate’ than MQ, who seem to be available all the time. Holly was very responsive, rapidly getting back to me on any query I might have.

There was never any pressure placed upon me; everything in your own time, they said. They treated me as a person, rather than a client.

Should I have any properties to sell in future, the first call I’ll make is to MQ.”

Jane Brown, selling two flats worth almost £500,000 in Glasgow city centre.

Other companies come across far more ‘corporate’ than MQ, who seem to be available all the time.
My ‘gut’ instinct right at the start of the process to go with MQ proved the right one, after all.

“You know what it’s like when you come across someone for the first time and you just know you’re going to hit it off.

That’s what it was like when I first spoke to Holly from MQ. I had completed one of those online searches to get a number of views about the value of your home.

Holly was the first to come back to me – and we established a connection in that very first call. She just ‘got’ it. She listened to me as a person, rather than just try to get my business.

This was our family home. We had been in it for 12 years so it was something of a wrench to put it up for sale.

I decided to get another company out to give me another valuation but I knew instinctively I should go with MQ.

Holly sent Barry out to see me and he was just fabulous. He turned all my negatives into positives. When he said the figure we would get for the house, that’s exactly what we got.

I am a photographer by profession but I was delighted with the photographs of the house which Mary took for MQ.

In the end, I would highly recommend them. My ‘gut’ instinct right at the start of the process to go with MQ proved the right one, after all.”

Nicola Millar, selling a three bed upper cottage flat in Paisley, Renfrewshire.

‘My property is in a great location in Glasgow – next to ‘Media City’ and the Scottish headquarters of the BBC and STV.

Just over the bridge, you have the SECC and the bars and restaurants of Finnieston, recognised as one of the most ‘hip’ areas of the city.

If ever a place screamed ‘Location, Location, Location’ this was it.

However, letting out the flat could have been really problematic as I’ve been living in Dubai, so most of the contact with the lettings agency had to be done by email.

Fortunately, I had met MQ’s Richard face-to-face on one of my visits home. You could tell he was a good guy and we struck up a rapport right away. I knew from the start that my property would be in safe hands. Each time I had to communicate with MQ, I got a reply back almost right away. We had to amend the rent I had originally been told to expect but it wasn’t a game-changer.

I would happily recommend this company. I can’t tell you the comfort it gives you when you are far away, knowing that someone else has your property’s interests at heart.’

Paul Boddy, renting out a three-bed apartment in Glasgow’s Pacific Quay

I knew from the start that my property would be in safe hands.
MQ are very professional and very good at finding the right tenants

“We used to rent out our property ourselves - for a number of years – and it was not unusual to encounter problems with our tenants.

Your heart would sink when you saw the number come up on your mobile phone and you just knew they were not calling to say they loved living in your flat.

MQ were recommended to us by a colleague and it was such a relief to have all that responsibility taken off your shoulders.

We spoke to Richard and he came out to the property and provided us with a quote for his services, which we found quite reasonable. Right away, the people came across as if they had an interest in your property, rather than trying to quickly find a tenant to match it. They also appear very conversant in relevant legislation, safety issues and mandatory testing of electrical appliances and things like that. I know it can be a pain, but it means you are covered for any eventuality. MQ are very professional and very good at finding the right tenants. Currently, ours are from France and studying a PhD, so they are hopefully going to be around for a while.

I am not one to go over the top in my praise……but let’s call MQ the best company on the planet!”

Hugh McCoach, renting a two-bed flat in Glasgow’s St George’s Cross.

“Who goes out of their way to lavish praise on the service they receive from a company these days? Well I am absolutely delighted to.

I am a small-time landlord, with just one rental property in the west end of Glasgow. However, I live in Spain so I am particularly dependent on someone looking after my property and tenant for me. I find the service I have received from MQ Lettings – and Richard in particular – has been truly astounding.

I can't tell you the peace of mind it gives me, knowing they are taking care of business. I want my tenant to have the best service she can possibly have. If something goes wrong, MQ are right on point. They come back to me with financial options on what level of repair or refurbishment I would like and I just give them the green light to get the job done, and done well. Their workmen are spot-on as well.

I have no complaint about the fees they charge because, in my eyes, they have earned it. I am their biggest fan. I have enjoyed a really professional service all along – and I greatly appreciate it.”

Iain Allan, owner of a flat in Glasgow’s west end.

"If something goes wrong, MQ are right on point."
"I would give his service 10 out of 10."

“It was nothing more than gut instinct which made me choose Barry to sell our house – and I’m glad I did. We were following our dream of moving to Millport, on the Clyde Coast, when the sale of our property hit a snag.

We had the loft converted in 2006 but never got round to obtaining a ‘completion certificate’. Turns out, this can throw up a serious legal problem but Barry took charge of the issue and we got there in the end.

People have no idea how stressful selling a house can be until they are in the middle of it. We were staring into the abyss but Barry saved the day. Right from our first meeting with him, we were confident he was the man for us. I would give his service 10 out of 10.

He was extremely professional, going above and beyond what was expected of him. I know it sounds a bit over-the-top, but I will be eternally grateful for the way he helped our dream become reality. We are now in Millport – enjoying the island life – and I can’t thank MQ enough.”

Graham Harper, selling an upper cottage flat in King’s Park, Glasgow.

“I had never used an agency to let my property before. We bought the flat about 11 years ago, when my kids were at university in Glasgow. I thought it would make more sense to buy a property for them to live in and we got ourselves an interest-only mortgage and off we went.

Once the kids had moved on, we kept the flat as an investment and usually managed to find suitable tenants on our own. But now the property is managed by MQ Lettings and I couldn’t be happier. They do all the work and send me the money – it’s lovely.

The New Gorbals is such a convenient part of town. Strathclyde University is just about walkable and it’s handy for the SECC and the restaurants of Finnieston. MQ have been very good. There can always be problems letting a property but they do everything and I do nothing. I have nothing but praise for them. If there is an issue, they get it sorted – what’s not to like about that?”

Rebecca Macdonald, letting a two-bed top-floor tenement flat in Glasgow’s New Gorbals.

"Now the property is managed by MQ Lettings and I couldn’t be happier."
"MQ were wonderful."

“It was time to downsize – so we had to prize ourselves away from the big, five-bedroom Victorian family home dating from 1894.

I have spent much of my working life teaching in Abu Dhabi but we chose to buy a place in the Perthshire countryside to retire to. When we made approaches to a number of estate agents, MQ were the first to get back to us. They paid us a visit pretty quickly and Barry convinced us he was the one to sell our home. We weren’t disappointed.

MQ were wonderful. Sometimes, I would phone Barry or Holly in the evening if there was something I wanted to know. If I didn’t get them right away, they were back to me within about 30 minutes – not many estate agents would do that. There was quite a lot of interest in the property and we were happy with the £405,000 sale price. I should also say they were delightful people to deal with. They were just excellent. ”

Frank McGuire, selling a detached property in Wishaw, North Lanarkshire.

“If I didn’t have a high opinion of MQ, I wouldn’t be using them to let 14 properties of mine. I must have sold around a dozen houses through their sales arm as well, so that underlines the faith I have in the way they do business.

What particularly impresses me is the way MQ vet potential tenants, weeding out anyone who is going to be trouble. There’s a guy I went to school with who owns just one property but he has had endless hours of grief, with tenants not paying their rent and finally smashing the place up. I don’t get any of that grief, which gives you enormous peace of mind. They must do their homework.

They are also a good team. The way they tie up with repair squads to get a job done quickly is excellent. Communication is also first class, with emails replied to rapidly. It just makes things easy, which is what everyone wants.”

Douglas Smith, letting 14 properties in west central Scotland.

"MQ just make things easy, which is what everyone wants."
"We never thought we would get so much for our home"

“I have to say, dealing with MQ left us in shock – we never thought we would get so much for our home. We had seen the home report valuation and had a ballpark figure in mind for what it might sell for.

But we got £162,000 for a two-bedroom flat, way more than we were expecting. This was the first time I had sold a property, so I appreciated all the advice I could get.

We had a lot of viewings and an offer within days but Barry advised us to go to a closing date after just a week – and we got that great price. Frankly, I was shocked. If I was selling another house any time soon, I’d have no hesitation in asking MQ to sell it. I have no complaints ”

Hayley Donaldson, selling a two bed flat in Tranent, East Lothian.

“My flat is at Richmond Park, in Glasgow’s south side, but I live in India. That means I need a good line of communication to the people who are looking after my property. And that’s where MQ – and Richard in particular – come in.

I did not have any experience of letting a property, so I wanted to know as much as possible about how my flat would be looked after. Richard came out to look at the flat and organised some brilliant pictures.

Then he told me they were in touch with a couple from Australia, who were looking to rent a place in Glasgow. The communication has been fantastic – we WhatsApp all the time. I get a regular email on a Monday, saying my rent has been credited, with a note of service charges. We have only been going a year but I have had a very good experience so far. I would be very happy to recommend them.”

Pratik Mundra, letting a riverside flat in Glasgow’s Richmond Park.

"The communication has been fantastic"
"I would use them again in a heartbeat."

“Barry was an absolute sweetheart to deal with. He came out to our house at the time he said he would and when the going got tough with our house sale, he turned into Mr Cool.

The house sold very quickly but, just before Christmas, the deal fell through as I believe the buyers were unable to get the mortgage. Everyone was panicking, thinking ‘we can’t possibly sell a house so close to Christmas’.

Barry remained calm and advised us the best course of action was to put it back on the market right away……and I’m so glad we did. It sold within days and we got £20,000 more than the first ‘buyers’ were prepared to pay.

Later, there were hassles with the sale going through but it was nothing to do with MQ. Megan was like a Jack Russell, getting to the heart of any problem and Holly helped out when Megan was off. They stuck with it, right through to completion.

I am more than happy with the MQ service. I’d highly recommend them and would use them again myself… in a heartbeat.”

Hilary Morgan, selling a three bedroom bungalow in Glenboig, North Lanarkshire.

I have a number of properties in Falkirk and Winchburgh in West Lothian.

Barry came out to see me and let’s just say I was very impressed; I like the cut of his jib. I had spoken to other estate agents, who said I would struggle to get the valuation I was looking for if I was selling a small flat in Winchburgh.

Barry was completely honest. He asked what I was seeking and when I told him, he said he’d do his very best to achieve that. In the end, I got £11,000 on top, which is quite a lot for a one-bedroom flat.

Megan, in the office, was brilliant. She kept abreast of every aspect throughout the sale and kept me informed as to what was going on. I’ve got an end terrace three-bed house in Falkirk, which I plan to sell next. Of course I’ll be using MQ again.

For what they charge, I know they can’t have made a lot of money out of my flat sale. But this is a professional organisation and I know I’ll get exactly the same service for the bigger house as I did when selling my flat.

They get a 10 out of 10 from me.

Barrie Philbin, selling a one bed flat in Winchburgh, West Lothian.

"Absolutely delighted."
"Absolutely delighted."

I had never sold a house before so I didn’t really know what to expect. At first, I wanted to get a local estate agent but I searched for the best reviews on Google and MQ came top of the pile.

Barry came out to see us the very next day after our initial call. That left me impressed straight away. It reminded me a bit of encountering the best salesman ever. Barry had all the knowledge without the pressure to buy.

He shared his house-selling experience with us, like how to get the house ready so that it will sell quickly. To be honest, he blew us away!

The back-up service from the MQ office staff was equally impressive; we didn’t even have to do the viewings ourselves. Megan in the office wasn’t happy with the four offers we received so she asked us to keep it on the market for a few days more.

In the end, we got over what we were asking for. Absolutely delighted.

Cameron Spink, selling a three-bedroom flat in Arbroath, Angus.

The one thing that stands out about the MQ service is its flexibility, with staff happy to help you out whether it’s during office hours or not.

I wanted to view a property in Glasgow city centre but was busy with work during the day. My request was also made at short notice but the people at MQ went out of their way to accommodate me.

They arranged for me to view the place out of hours, which most estate agents won’t do. It was a pleasure dealing with them throughout my house search and subsequent purchase, particularly Megan, who was very understanding and patient.

Her help was crucial to the completion of the purchase. Overall, I found MQ provided a fast and efficient service, always centred on the client. I have dealt with a number of property agents before, so I know a good service when I see one. I will be happy to deal with them again.

Roger J., buying a two-bedroom flat in Glasgow city centre.

"MQ provided a fast and efficient service."
"MQ got me a phenomenal price."

I live in Australia but own property in Scotland – I am completely removed from everything that’s going on in the UK.

I am also unable to spruce up flats which I’d like to sell so I have been depending on MQ to get these ready for the market.

Holly and Mary have gone above and beyond to get them looking their best. I had furniture in them but I ordered up some trinkets which the girls arranged in such a way that it became somewhere you would like to live.

I was an investor in the past. I would buy up run-down properties in Glasgow and refurbish them so that I could rent them out.

I was trying to sell one flat in Clifford Street, using a different estate agent, who were doing a pretty poor job. They were not following up viewers and they ended up telling me it was not a very good property.

I knew it was a good property, so I turned to MQ. Holly said:”It’s a great property and I’ll get you a great price for it!” She got me a phenomenal price for it and now I’ve sold three properties with MQ.

Estate agents are not traditionally viewed as people who care. That’s not the case with MQ – they get you the best price, not the first price you are offered. My future business will be placed with them.”

Matthew Maguire, selling various flats on Glasgow’s south side.

It’s all thanks to Holly at MQ that we are now living in the house of our dreams. We were looking to sell a couple of years ago but we put it on pause.

We had been speaking to MQ at the time, so Holly decided to keep in touch with us, giving us a call every six months to let us know about new homes on the market and to see if our circumstances had changed.

They had. We ended up as two adults, two dogs and a baby – we needed to move.

Houses around ours had been selling for around £150,000 so that’s what we were looking for. We ended up getting more than £171,000 – all of the offers were over £160,000. We couldn’t believe it.

We found Barry very personable. We liked him right away. But Holly went above and beyond what was required of her.

Everything had to be done to a high standard, which we appreciated. She’s also such a nice girl. She took all the stress out of the move for us – which was a lot with two dogs and a baby! We’ll definitely use them again.

Abi and Blair Millar, selling a two-bed flat in Scotstoun, Glasgow, and also purchasing their new home through the MQ assisted move scheme.

"Holly went above and beyond what was required of her"
"I knew I was in the hands of a special business"

It’s not often the managing director of a company comes out to your house to make a personal visit. As soon as Barry came to see me, I knew I was in the hands of a special business.

I put my house on the market with MQ on the first of November and I told Barry I wanted it sold by Christmas. Even though it was a ‘quiet’ time of the year, it was gone by the time we had the chance to put up the Christmas tree!

I had dealt with MQ before and knew it to be a professional business. I developed a great relationship with Barry and was hugely-impressed with Holly in the office. They have my confidence and trust. Every time I sent them a text or left a message, they were back to me in minutes.

I have already told Holly to be on the look-out for properties I like to invest in, so I’ll be dealing with them again. No question. There’s just one word for the way I feel about my how my sale went through.


Costa Ieropoulos, selling a three bed bungalow in Stewarton, East Ayrshire.

I must have dealt with four or five different estate agents in my property dealings – I can honestly say MQ are by far the best.

I have bought and sold a number of houses now and MQ have taken care of the last three for me. Barry is actually coming out today to see what we do with a fourth.

The flat I had in Glasgow’s east end was only bought a year ago, and I was renting it out in Tollcross.

But Holly got me such a good price for another property I own that I decided to see what I could get – and was delighted with the outcome. I feel that Holly really cares. I found in the past that if you put up a property for sale at a fixed fee, the estate agent doesn’t really care how much it goes for. Holly put in a lot of work to get me the best price; going above and beyond what was expected of her.

I’ve now told a couple of friends who have property that this is a company that will go the extra mile for you. And as for me? Well, I’m just doing everything with MQ now.”

Jim Brown, selling a one-bed flat in Tollcross, Glasgow.

"I can honestly say MQ are by far the best"
"I could not be more delighted if I tried"

I had actually been recommended another estate agent but I got them mixed up with MQ and Barry came out instead. That was a stroke of luck.

I had three guys out in total and I could tell Barry was on a different level. He was brilliant. He had clearly done his homework before he came out. I thought ‘I want him for the job.’

Holly was fantastic too. As a company, they are really on the ball. They don’t quit until the sale is done. The house sold very quickly and I was delighted by the price I got. No complaints there.

I could not recommend them highly enough. And I could not be more delighted if I tried.”

Steven Marshall, selling a three-bed flat in Leith, Edinburgh.

“Like many people, we have had so much in our lives to cope with in the year of COVID-19. On top of that, we were selling my mother’s house in Lanarkshire, moving us all to Aberdeenshire…..and hoping to adopt at the same time.

The last thing we needed were complications in the house sale process and fortunately for us, we plumped for MQ Estate Agents. I don’t think I am exaggerating too much by suggesting that by the time it was all over, MQ’s Holly felt like a member of our family. She was so attentive, it seemed like she was invested in our house move as much as we were. No question was too stupid for her.

A member of our family was in hospital during the process and Holly gave us space and extended time to respond to emails she sent us. She was an absolute star and it appeared she had a really lovely team behind her. There was no downside to MQ’s service; even the photographer was really considerate when deciding how to frame our house. He said there was no need to make it look like an Instagram special, which was re-assuring.

Any worries we had soon dissolved, thanks to the fact that they actually listened to us. And the final bonus? We got a price for our house that we were extremely happy with.”

Emma Lee, selling a two-storey semi detached cottage in Leadhills, Lanarkshire.

"MQ’s Holly felt like a member of our family. She was so attentive."
"Dealing with MQ has been like eating a meal at a 3 Michelin Star Restaurant - Superb!"

Coming from a pretty bad experience involving another “estate agent in Glasgow City Centre”, me and my wife were led to believe our flat in Merchant City would not sell. After doing some research I came across MQ Estates purely by coincidence and was astonished to see 140 plus 5-star ratings from different people who all had nothing but good words for this business. Holly’s professionalism enthused us with confidence that there is hope our property would sell when it came on the market. We being bruised by our previous experience were cautiously optimistic as well. Within 2 days we had an offer and the sale is going through. Holly and her team need to be congratulated on the speed that this whole thing unfolded much to our complete surprise. She backed up her amazing communication, negotiation skills, and understanding of the market with results.

In an environment where normally you see a lot of complacency, ambivalence from bigger established estate agents, we saw agility, situational awareness and positive results all due to Holly and the team’s amazing work ethic.

We were kept informed via text, email and found our property on all the right portals and placed at the correct price point for a successful sale. And when it came to negotiating the offer for us, there was a very motivating attitude, which concluded with a very good result for us. We have nothing but amazing and positive things to say about Holly and everyone at MQ Estates who have turned this situation from a cautious negative to a roaring positive. She is akin to a good doctor you see in the emergency department. Precise, clinical and thinks two steps ahead for the best optimal outcome.

We could not have wished for anyone better and whole heartedly recommend their services to anyone and suggest anyone in a buying / selling situation give MQ a serious consideration.

Dr Siddiqi

We recently signed up to a Part Exchange Safety Net package with Avant Homes which meant they would pay for our marketing fees and estate agent costs, but we had to go with an estate agent they chose. We had had Barry from MQ out previously and his knowledge and professionalism was unmatchable, and the whole experience just felt so genuine.

And then it got even better when we spoke with Holly who is just the best estate agent I’ve ever met, she just goes totally above and beyond and makes selling such an exciting prospect. Unfortunately, however, despite us fighting to use MQ, Avant homes told us we had to use a big corporate agent who they regularly do business with.

The experience with this big agent couldn’t have been anymore stressful and disappointing and we genuinely feel we were an inconvenience and they wanted us to accept the first offer so they could move onto their next listing. We gave Holly a call because we wanted to pull our property from the other agent and go with MQ instead, but she was completely honest and said the damage had been done, the offer on the table was still good, and that she didn’t feel it was right to take our money because she couldn’t 100% guarantee we would get more money. We were totally taken aback because honesty is so uncommon with a lot of agents and it’s really special that MQ genuinely had our best interests at heart and that was so much more important to them than money. On top of that, Holly was always there for us to chat to when we needed advice on the sale and just to generally cheer us up about the whole situation. Imagine not even being a client and still receiving the absolute best customer service around. That’s the quality and ethos of estate agency that should be everywhere, and now I can honestly say that whenever I sell I won’t hesitate about going to anyone else. MQ can not only produce the highest of results but they can make the experience honest and fun, and you will come out knowing that whatever money you got from your sale that will without a doubt be the best offer possible because no one will work harder or have more dedication than Barry and Holly.

Kirsten McNicol

"No one will work harder or have more dedication than Barry and Holly."
"Hassle-free, money in the bank within a month."

I got to hear about MQ through my niece, who had sold her house in Newton Stewart and highly recommended them. We were selling my mother-in-law’s house, which had become too big for her. Things were really straightforward, hassle-free, even.

Barry came to see the house and it went on the market on the 14th of October and I had the money in my bank account before Christmas. Luckily, it was a cash buyer. Once the deal had been done, Preeya told me I could have the money in three weeks. I replied:”Really?” MQ provided an excellent service. My own house is in Fife, so if I ever go to sell it, I’ll be giving them a call.

Hassle-free, money in the bank within a month. Happy to recommend them.

Alan Kevan, selling a three-bed semi in Garlieston, Dumfries and Galloway.

“My plan was to sell the big family home, buy a smaller house, and retire from my job in the NHS. I put it on the market with MQ in August, despite my neighbour telling me it was the ‘worst possible time’ to try and sell a house. Well, MQ managed it alright.

Holly is a force to be reckoned with. If this girl can’t sell a house, no-one can. They really negotiate for you and keep you up-to-speed with everything that’s going on. The photographer, Mary, was lovely and Barry was very professional.

I felt they were my friends by the end of it. So much so, that I recommended them to the man who bought my place……and he’s using MQ's assisted move scheme now!”

Isabel O’Hanlon, selling a five-bed detached property in New Stevenstson, North Lanarkshire

"Holly is a force to be reckoned with."
"we got over the Home Report valuation, which was nice."

I had one hot property to sell – my home was a former fire station. Everyone came in was taken aback by the scale of the place and agreed it had the wow! factor.

The huge window was once a big door, where the fire engines would go out on calls at Gartloch Hospital in Lanarkshire. One woman even wanted to buy all our furniture as well.

I was very happy with the service we got from MQ. Barry came out and explained what kind of price we might expect. In the end, we got over the Home Report valuation, which was nice.

Holly was on the phone all the time, keeping us up-to-date with everything. If I was asked for my views, I’d just tell them to get Barry out to your house and take it from there. I had absolutely no problems, whatsoever.”

Moira Gillespie, selling a former hospital fire station, converted to a luxury four bed home in Gartcosh, Lanarkshire

“We first met Barry when he was selling a property we were interested in last spring.

We didn’t buy it but when it came to selling our own place, later in the year, we remembered how professional he had been and his knowledge of the house. We asked MQ to sell our cottage flat but there were a few hiccups on the way – nothing to do with MQ.

The property we were buying had some issues to with the certification of historic cladding but it took Barry’s intervention to get it sorted out. Not only did he help sell our own place, he also helped the people who were selling to us.

We thought MQ were very good. There was no mucking about. It didn’t matter if we had a question to ask on a Monday morning or a Friday night – Holly and Preeya would be back to me in a flash.

The whole company is friendly and very professional, with no hidden costs. Our sale went through rapidly and we were delighted with the price we got. I’d happily recommend them, no problem.”

Susanne Gorman, selling a two-bed cottage flat in Knightswood, Glasgow

"I’d happily recommend them, no problem."
"I got a good ‘vibe’ off Barry as soon as I met him..."

I got a good ‘vibe’ off Barry as soon as I met him.

I had spoken to a number of other estate agents, one of whom seemed completely disinterested in selling my home. I had Googled ‘estate agents Glasgow’ and MQ came up with really positive reviews.

Barry was very down to earth, a master of the personal touch. I decided I would feel more comfortable going with a family-run firm. The sale itself? Well, I can honestly say it went through very quickly! I was glad I wasn’t inundated with communications.

The photographs were organised and the listing went on within a matter of days.

Preeya called me to say the first person who viewed the property wanted to make an offer – and that’s how it sold. I got what I was looking for, with the minimum of fuss. MQ do exactly what they say they will do. I’m renting now but if I ever go back into the property market, I hope I get to meet the MQ team again.

Peter, selling a one-bed flat in Glasgow’s Jordanhill.

I was so confident in MQ that I was happy to both buy and sell my house through them. The ‘buy’ side of things came when my partner and I bought a three-bed semi in Cumbernauld which MQ were selling. I was sufficiently impressed by their service that I asked Barry to come out to discuss selling the flat we were in. Everything was Hunky Dory. He’s a very pleasant man, very much on your level.

Other MQ staff were also very helpful. I dealt with Preeya, who was very friendly and Holly, who made me feel very comfortable. Overall? I’d give them a big thumbs-up. It’s the little things that count. We live in a cul-de-sac, so few people would be passing to notice the ‘For Sale’ sign in the garden. So MQ put it on the main road.

The flat went on the market and the very first person to see it, bought it. Now, I can’t wait to move in!

Fiona Cameron, selling an upper cottage flat in Cumbernauld, North Lanarkshire.

"Overall? I’d give them a big thumbs-up..."
"I would definitely recommend MQ..."

My brother and I went into the property market in 2006, buying a flat in Glasgow that we could rent out. It was a time of interest-free mortgages and we thought we could keep it a few years, sell it on and maybe make 10 per cent on our investment. It didn’t work out like that.

The property barely moved in value, in fact it was valued at less than the £95,000 we paid for it 15 years ago. When we decided to sell it, we got in touch with a few estate agents including one we favoured, who didn’t even get back to us. We liked the price we were quoted for going with MQ, the photos looked good and I liked Barry’s approach.

He was much more positive than the other estate agents we spoke to. Some were very negative about the property while Barry gave us more confidence that it would sell. The more I visited, the more I realised that it was actually a nice flat. We got a good number of viewers, too. And it sold for the price Barry said it would, which was more than the other quotes I got.

I would definitely recommend MQ.

Russell Anley, selling a two-bedroom modern flat in Bridgeton, Glasgow.

“Before we fled to MQ, we made a catastrophic error by choosing an online estate agency.

We had spoken to Barry beforehand but thought the market was booming and we reckoned our house would sell nomatter who was selling it.

How wrong were we? The agency mistakenly ‘reduced’ our property’s value by £20,000 – just one of a catalogue of calamities. I found myself repeatedly saying to my partner ‘we should have listened to Barry!’

When we decided to cut ties with our original agent there was absolutely no debate about who we wanted to represent us and we were straight on the phone to MQ! Luckily (despite us not picking them in the first place) they welcomed us with open arms.

I should have known MQ are great. I had previously rented a property from them and found them to be absolutely outstanding.

Our house was only on the market with them for a couple of weeks when our flat sold for a price we were delighted with. Holly is an absolute superstar. Brilliant to work with, she also has a sparkling personality which gave me great confidence. Everyone in the office was professional, friendly and did exactly what they said they would do.

If I could give them more than five stars out of five, I would.

If I ever hear of anyone I know selling a property, I now tell them ‘Look no further than MQ’.

Catriona Mundill, selling a three-bed flat in Glasgow’s New Gorbals.

"If I could give them more than five stars out of five, I would."
"The price was more than I expected to get."

“When you are considering using any kind of new service, it is generally the reviews most people look at first. I was in a neighbouring town when I saw a MQ billboard on a house they were selling.

When I got home, I took a look at their website ‘testimonials’ and was impressed with what I saw. I thought ‘that will do for me’.

Selling my house was made all the more difficult by the fact that I was in isolation during lockdown, due to my medical condition. But everyone at MQ was great. Barry, in particular, was very patient and took time to listen to me.

The property went on the market on the last Thursday in July, the first viewers were in on the Saturday and a sale was agreed four weeks later.

The price was more than I expected to get. If I phoned the MQ office and the person I wanted was not available, they phoned me back right away. I would happily recommend them, definitely.”

John Quinn, selling a three-bed semi bungalow in Dechmont Village in West Lothian

Barry and Holly had done really well when it came to selling my mum’s house after she passed away in 2019. I am a nurse, working 12 hour shifts. I don’t have time to chase things up with people you can’t rely on.

When I was selling my mum’s house last year, I invited three or four estate agents out to have a look at the property. None of them compared to Barry.

That is why we went back to MQ when we had to sell the home of my partner’s mother, who also sadly died.

I took Barry’s advice on what to do with the property. It needed decorating and I asked if we should do that first. He said:”No, put it on the market.”

It went really well and the house sold pretty quickly and above Home Report value, too.

I would happily recommend MQ. Everything was straightforward. Holly kept in touch with me all the time. They don’t mess about.

Alison Towns, selling a stone-built two bed cottage in Larkhall, South Lanarkshire.

"I would happily recommend MQ."
"Barry and his team were so professional"

We went the whole hog with MQ – not only did we sell our house through them, we bought one too.

We hadn’t really been planning on a move but I suppose we had this itch that if the right property came up, we would go for it. We spotted a detached house MQ were selling in Hamilton that ticked all our boxes.

Things moved quite quickly after that. MQ asked us who we were going to use to sell our house and when we said ‘no-one, yet’ they offered to put it on the market.

Yes, we were putting all our eggs in one basket but I reckoned we couldn’t lose. We were buying the house in Hamilton, subject to us selling our own house so it was in MQ’s interests to find us a buyer quick. It took them just three working days.

The house went ‘live’ on the Thursday and by the Monday, we had an offer just above the Home Report value.

I could not fault the service from MQ. Getting a buyer for our house allowed us to go through with the purchase in Hamilton.

Barry and his team were so professional in the way they went about their business.

I would recommend them without even thinking about it.

Campbell Crawford, selling a three-bed terraced house in East Kilbride, South Lanarkshire.

I had been made executor of my late mum’s estate and it came time to sell her house.

I’ve been in my own home for 26 years, so I have no recent experience of selling a property. Someone recommended I should go with MQ and now I am so glad I did.

The house went on the market on the Thursday and I had an acceptable offer on the Monday morning.

The second person booked to view it didn’t even get a chance to see it! It was offers-over £115,000 and MQ managed to get me £3500 on top of that. I was very happy as I never expected it to go as quickly as that, for such a good price.

Everything was explained to me in advance and I took advantage of their offer to do the viewings.

I’d even go as far as to say I was shocked at the speed of the sale. I told my sister what had happened – and she was gobsmacked! Well done to the MQ team.

Mairi Thomson, selling a three-bed mid-terrace house in East Kilbride, South Lanarkshire.

"I was very happy as I never expected it to go as quickly as that, for such a good price. "
"I ended up with £5,000 above the Home report"

I was coming under pressure to sell my house during lockdown. Having to dispose of your property after 25 years would be worrying at the best of times but, due to COVID, it was becoming very stressful.

I needn’t have worried. After contacting a number of other estate agents, I opted for MQ. Other firms had been a bit over-optimistic in their claims about what price I could get for my property but I felt – even though Barry’s estimate was lower – his idea of the value was more realistic.

There were viewers at my door within 24 hours. We were all masked-up and I re-arranged the chairs in my living room, so we could all be socially-distant. Barry conducted the viewings himself, which I greatly appreciated. He struck a brilliant balance between professionalism and friendliness and I ended up with £5,000 above the Home report.

Communication with MQ was second to none. I think I spoke to Holly in the office once a day - sometimes more – and it didn’t matter if it was evening or weekend calls. Absolutely excellent.

I would have no hesitation in recommending MQ to anyone.

Rita Bruce, selling a two-bed sandstone flat in Glasgow’s Queen’s Cross.