What you should know

As a tenant you are responsible for

  • Paying a deposit of one month's rent
  • Paying your rent monthly in advance
  • Paying all utilities and council tax bills during term of lease
  • Adhering to a property inspection schedule
  • Care of property and inventory
  • Ensuring all references and credit checks are satisfactory
  • Insuring own contents/possessions

Possible Limitations with a tenancy agreement

Check your tenancy agreement for limitations of use. Some restrictions may include:

  • Generally you will be prevented from running a business from the property.
  • Pets. Some landlords will not accept pets. Those who do may require additional cleaning to be paid for on termination of the lease.
  • Smoking. Landlords would prefer you not to smoke. If it’s evident you have smoked then you may become liable for re-decoration costs.
  • Sharing. Higher levels of wear and tear and a requirement in some circumstances for the property to be licensed as a “House in Multiple Occupation (HMO)” with attendant costs for the landlord.
  • Benefit recipients. The landlords’ insurers and mortgage lender may impose a restriction.

Moving In

The lease signing can take from 30 – 60 minutes. We recommend you read the lease prior to this signing appointment giving you an opportunity to familiarise yourself with all the details and prepare any questions. A lease will be available on request.

On your move in date an appointment will be made for the keys and the inventory to be collected from our office.

Once you have moved into your property you have seven working days to check the inventory and hand this back to us. If there is anything we have missed or something needs fixed please note this on the inventory and return to us.

Moving Out

As standard our leases are for a fixed period of 6 months. If you wish to leave the property at the end of this 6 month period, you must give us one month's notice in writing. If no notice is given then the lease rolls over and each party must give 2 months notice prior to departure.